• anthologies 11/10/2009 13:00

    Devoted to experimental, noise, and electronic music
    This collection explores in depth the historical bases of electronic music and analyzes the slow emergence of noise, from the 1910s to now. A series of 2-CD/3-LP sets culling material from the most celebrated composers down to the most obscure artists.

  • aural documents 11/10/2009 16:00

    Avant-Garde archives
    Many artists and writers have produced, a long time ago, luminous food for today. With this archival collection mainly focused on the voice, we present a series of rare or unpublished documents about every aspect of the avant-garde.

  • captagon years 11/10/2009 19:00

    Made in Belgium.
    Industrial, Experimental, Punk, Rock, Electronic music from the 70's, 80's and 90's, all made in Belgium. Rare or unpublished recordings for connoisseurs only !

  • concrete electronics noise 11/10/2009 15:00

    From the '90s to now
    A collection of electronic music in its more abstract form. After exploring the first emergence (1992-1996), we try to develop what is being produced in-between categories: microsound, laptop music, post-concrete, noise, industrial, turntablism...

  • early electronic music 11/10/2009 12:00

    From the '50s to the '80s
    An attempt at rediscovering some lost tapes sleeping in the backroom of a studio. Just because we are used to listening to new electronics of today, we can appreciate all the beauty - furious or subtle - found in pieces created long ago.

  • fundamental 11/10/2009 20:00

    Rare recordings from the 20s to the 60s: mainly black music
    Dr. Boogie, radio personality and collector, makes us discover several unsung aspects of the music of the '40s to the '60s: forgotten R'n'B, wild rockabilly, hillbilly, instrumentals, Texan surf...  GMH slowly assembles collections out of productions from the '20s to '30s.

  • le coeur du monde 11/10/2009 21:00

    Ritual music & field recordings
    This collection offers a series of location recordings made without the use of a studio. The object is to capture music as it happens. All forms may be covered - given there is no such thing as pure music - but we believe it is better not to release what is wrongly called world music, a hybrid form forced down by globalization.

  • musics in the margin 11/10/2009 17:00

    Outsider Music
    Any music that doesn't fit in a specific category, music composed regardless of any criterion, either in an institutionalized setting or simply in the margin of social acceptance.

  • new series framework 11/10/2009 14:00

    Avant Electro
    An extension of our Concrete Electronics Noise, a brand new mix-up of unusual conceptions of sound material by young unknown composers, well known not-so-young composers and old but clever composers. Limited editions

  • related objects 12/10/2009 13:00

    Things we want to keep
    This is a collection of objects all related to the label (although that relation can be thin or vague) and of such interest that we want to distribute them and be involved with them: rare releases, collector items, limited-edition vinyls, box sets, books, magazines, catalogues, artworks. Anything that may help outwit the world of the lotus eaters.

  • soundworks 11/10/2009 18:00

    Post-rock and acoustics
    Works beyond categories, with sometimes an idea of songwriting or a simple sound organisation. A mix-up of electric and acoustic tones, post-rock, ambient, drum 'n' bass, hip hop, soul, folk, collective works, a cappella songs.

  • unclassical 11/10/2009 22:00

    New forms of scored music
    An open contemporary domain that presents some of the major independent composers of the century and new forms of scored music from composers using traditional acoustic instruments in a non academic way.