v/a Personal Settings 2

David Morley, Gez Varley, Nodern

CD digipack
LP vinyl


The series Personal Settings presents new and unreleased works / PS1 featured Pan American / Komet (aka Frank Bretschneider) and Fisherofgold. Preset 2 is fully loaded with exclusive tracks from David Morley (remember the amazing album Tilted released on R&S) and his stylish deep and massive melodic electronic spheres, Gez Varley (1/2 LFO) presenting some new dancefloor orientated anthems and the first tracks to be released from Nodern (check his debut album on Sub Rosa SR241) who explores the fields of noisy chill electronica. Three artists, three individuals presenting their skills without concessions, that what the PS series is about, 15 minutes for each in a totally personal approach.


Played in various Bands from 14 until 18 in Belgium and England. At 19 he started working in a Brussels studio, learning engineering and studying guitar.
Late 1980´s, he met Renaat from R&S belgian label and straight away starting working/engineering and writing countless new beat EP´s in the R&S studio alongside Cisco Ferreira (later half of the advent) and a short time later people like CeeJay Bolland, Joey Beltram joined in. The who´s who of Detroit started working in the studios a short time later (Derrick May, Juan Atkins etc). At this time, Morley was part of the Spectrum project with Renaat. Spectrum took off with Brazil a club hit. After Brazi, he built his own studio and, despite the studio having moved numerous times, he chooses to work only in his own studio (mainly due to a large amount of modular synths and old technology being present). He headed off into Ambient territory and released the first EP on the R&S sub-label Apollo. He also started to work with Andrea Parker.
He co-wrote songs on her debut LP and together they have produced numerous EP´s and numerous remixes which they did together, include such diverse artists as Steve Reich, Sakamoto, Depeche Mode, The Orb and Gavin Bryers.
In 1997 Tilt was released, his first solo LP. One reviewer remarked that it was the perfect CD


Nodern has an uncanny ability to create dark brooding and carefully constructed electronic music, which shuttles with great ease from fractured poly-rhythms to menacing noise, interspersed with desolate ambient soundscapes. Produced over two-years, and in three cities, Nodern's signature sound has its grip firmly on the pulse of the sprawling urban settlements across the world. The album guides us through the relentless procession of industrial rhythmic structures to the suburban wastelands drenched in melancholy. Nodern's music seem to inhabit a perpetual twilight world where familiar spaces are swallowed in shadows, creating an ominous and sublime landscape. Nodern's confident album firmly establishes a unique sound in the ever-growing field of electronica.


Gez first came to prominence in 1990 as one half (with Mark Bell) of the ground breaking Leeds based duo LFO. With a sound that referenced to rearly house, B-boy Aesthetic, Nothern bleep & their own distinctive sub-bass. LFO had and still has a considerable influence one 1991 they made a tour throughout Europe and released their first album 'Frequencies... A classic !'
1992-1993 the duo was much in demand for doing remixes: Africa Bambaata , Art of Noise & YMO... Richie Hawtin had been considerably influenced by the duo and they collaborated on the 12" LFO vs Fuse.
Since G-man moved to Germany he has started a new record label with his girlfriend.
He also released the amazing album Bayous Paradise on Force Inc and do many remixes.




01 David Morley: Legend 6'19
02 David Morley: Mechwelt 5'19
03 David Morley: Sulphur 5'46
04 Nodern: Pilan 5'06
05 Nodern: Introduction to Artic 0'50
06 Nodern: Pauset 4'37
07 Nodern: Tepid 0'35
08 Nodern: Noderna 3'23
09 Gez Varley: Alone 7'13
10 Gez Varley: Old School Drift 7'43