DJ Wally

The Creepy Crawlies

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DJ Wally must be mad !
The Dj bug bit during his adolescence - turning him into an inspired teenager practicing the Art of deejayingand secretly developing a unique universe of scary fun and abtract humour giving the audience thrills and goose pimples. But this wasn't enough, so in order to go further into sound exploration, producing his own music was the next step.
This challenge had to be organized seriously, so perhaps in a cave in the middle of nowhere, DJ Wally transformed his inner-vision into a nightmarish delight. During this period, our mad scientist created
an organic blend of 'Illbient', abstract hip-hop, radical sample skills and many more elements that must have been gathered in unknown places. This turned into solid pieces of genetically manipulated sound compositions.
Remember the title 'My Bloody Valentine' which was pointed out by James Lavell (appeared on Heads Two), the albums 'Genetic Flaw', 'Dog Leg Left', 'The Stoned Ranger Ride Again' were all acclaimed as new freestyle killers based on cut-up poetry.

"The Creepy Crawler" is another freakshow ready to satisfy the desire of the most demanding audience. Danceable creepy halloween tales from the abstract are presented here to give your nerves a sudden stimulation that will control your muscles and transform your body into an echoing moving reply to DJ Wally's subtle groovy fields of action. Freak your mind, and your ass will follow.


01 I Must be Mad
02 Smoke
03 The Crawlies
04 Aquazonk
05 Walk with Limp
06 Spilling Over
07 Hybrid Sermon
08 Spotlight Stupor {co-produced by dj swingsett }
09 Terrorific
10 Sentimental Stamina
11 Fetish
12 Out there in Dub Minor