music a.m.

My City Glittered Like a Breaking Wave

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Following on from debut album 'A Heart and Two Stars' Music A.M. continue to create cascading delicate sonorities over shuffling topographies. The mini album 'my city glittered like a breaking wave' is the latest excursion from the London/Düsseldorf trio 4and sees Music A.M. in playful and brooding mood.
Slo-blo countrified vibes, methadone doo-wop for disco misfits, swan songs for ex-swingers, are set light by deep blue bass chords, whispering whirlpools of guitar and burbling micro funk. Even the surf licks and pop twists have a wistful and wintry abandonment.
It features five songs originally recorded during the 'a heart' sessions that have been recently reworked, suspended and melodified by the band at their Düsseldorf studio, culminating in a blissfull 20 minutes that highlights Music A.M.'s love and affinity for the in-between moments of the avant pop.
While the arrangements and minimal rhythms create a mood assuredly warm and embracing, Luke Sutherland's vocals oscillate between earthbound narration and sparkling voyages into the spheres.
This is the sound of summer receding. Music for a world in which all that's left is longing.

Music A.M. Stefan Schneider


LUKE SUTHERLAND (Mogwai) vocals, guitar
STEFAN SCHNEIDER (To Rococo Rot, Tarwater) bass, synths
VOLKER BERTELMANN (Tonetraeger) rhodes, synths


01 Mermaid
02 Elle
03 Supercharge, I Adore You
04 Saturday
05 Don't Keep me Waiting so Long