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About 'Radicalism'
Sensational isn't really the kind of sweet R'n'B 'for the masses' artist. Nor is he some agressive member of the experimental inteligentia (even if he used, when he was 15, to rhyme to records by the German avant-garde electronic composer, Stockhausen). His style is somewhere in between, if his flows and music sounds radical it is more because it is some essential breath, some rough expression of his unique personality. It ain't no surprises if he was born into the world of beats under the nickname Torture. In the home of the holy bass, the temple of the of the hazy rhymes known as Wordsound, Sensational found a refuge. He started there to destroy rules and boundaries. In reggae, we were blessed with the maniacal genius of Lee Perry; in jazz, we had Sun Ra; and in hip-hop no one even comes close to the one they call Sensational.

You can trace the man back on the Jungle Brothers' album JBeez Wit Da Remedy (Warner Bros., 1994), on which he rhymes at 180 beats per minute, perfect match as Torture came to the attention of WordSound through producer Bill Laswell, who worked on the Jungle Brothers sessions. Rapidly Torture changed his name to Sensational and released his solo debut, Loaded With Power (Wordsound), an album like no other in the annals of hip-hop. "The most bold and experimental hip-hop record of the last decade," as some said. Tripped-out flows, broken beats, and lo-fi ambience which created an epic event in hip-hop... created by one man with a four-track and a drum machine.

In some old school vein, and totally out of the commercial system, the man plays all his sounds live (no samples allowed!). Upgrading to an 8-track for his sophomore effort, Corner The Market (Wordsound), gave him greater flexibility as he also used a real microphone this time around instead of recording vocals through his headphones (as on Loaded With Power).




01 I Always Rock It Right
02 Consider This Jazzy
03 You Know How That Go
04 The Seven
05 Art
06 Flossin On The Ave.
07 Feel It Vibrate
08 Money Maker
09 Groovie Groove
10 Rap Flash
11 Obvious I'm Marvelous
12 Rapture
13 My Flows Hot
14 My Style You Like