Puddle Jumping During a Monsoon

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Puddle Jumping During A Monsoon, the debut EP by Shakeyface, is a sonic mish mash in the most wonderful sense of the word. Dub, jazz, soul, found sounds, 60ís pop, odd bits and pieces here and there, all of these things were put in a hip-hop blender and set to puree. Raw soul floats over electro bleeps while chunky hip-hop beats dance with reggae riddims. From the opening dubbed out piano lines of Helpless, underpinned by military drums and vocals about feeling lost in our increasingly militaristic society to the lazy hip hop of AheadBehind and the meditative Crazy, Crazy Like A Fox , Puddle Jumping During A Monsoon is a glorious sonic collage that will shake out your earwax and wake up your mind.
Emotionally as well, Shakeyface's music is based on the juxtaposition of opposing moods and feelings. One isn't sure if they should be happy or sad, scared or excited, they just feel weird.


01 Damy Beta
02 Helpless
03 Crazy, Crazy like a Fox
04 Aheadbehind
05 Divided
06 Fishing for Swords
07 Puddle Jumping during a Moonsoon