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"Music is our secret society" Louis Armstrong

RetroSpectre is not a greatest hits collection, rather, as the title suggests, a journey back through an ILLustrious career spanning 10 years, 5 full-length albums, and numerous singles and remixes. In fact, most of the selections here are some of Spectre's more obscure productions culled from various compilations and B-sides as well as a few previously unreleased treasures from the vaults of The Other Side. Hand picked by The Ill Saint himself and digitally remastered, these tracks sound even better now than they originally did.

Not many artists working in the hip-hop idiom have attempted to build a career on instrumentals, but, then again, Spectre's aim has always been to blow away all preconceived notions of what music is, and wreak havoc on your mindstate. Since his opening salvo, "Crooked," which first appeared on 1994's critically-acclaimed
Crooklyn Dub Consortium: Certified Dope, Volume 1 (WordSound) and subsequently became the title-track for the WordSound film of the same name, The Ill Saint has consistently elevated his art with something original, innovative, daring, demented and downright dope.

Often misunderstood for the esoteric and occult knowledge forwarded in his moody, exotic beatscapes, Spectre stands alone in the musical field as a sonic shaman conjuring up images of the Unknowable and providing a gateway to The Other Side. While his sound is often described as apocalyptic, the end only marks a new beginning in his constantly evolving cycle in progress. Dark clouds reveal their silver lining in Spectre's motto, "Only In The Darkness Will You See The Light," an ethos that acknowledges the inherent dualities of life--ying and yang, positive and negative. Only when you have experienced the abyss, with its four devils--jealousy, envy, hate, and greed--can you fully appreciate the love that lies above all. Indeed, The Ill Saint, is a spiritual brother.
But his work can also be described as paranoid, claustrophobic, and foreboding, a fitting reflection of the world today where terrorism and plagues, Big brother and big business have reduced humanity to a sorry state. Spectre's solution is anarchy, if only in the mental.

For, in the end, music is only music, and sound, the abtract. This realm cannot be intellectualized or criticized (especially by those pundits who do not make music themselves, but take potshots at someone else's creation from behind the lines of print). It can only felt subjectively on an individual level, from one heart to another. In a world where rhythm is business, Spectre's art is warfare. Take a trip to the Other Side, where all things are possible.
W. Nobel Savage




01 Backstab
02 Beats within
03 Whirling
04 Dust to Dust
05 Age of the Storm
06 Soaring to the Depths
07 Spectre meets Psycho Priest in the Temple of Smoke
08 The Sound
09 Smoke it Exact / featuring Torture
10 Trash n'Ready
11 The Spy who came in from the Cold
12 Pillars of Smoke / featuring Sensational
13 Psychotic Episodes / featuring Mr Dead, Sensational & Guess
14 Kaos is and always will Be / featuring M. Sayyid, Sensational & Guess
15 Skrippin' / featuring Sensational & Guess
16 Love