The Very Best of

CD jewel case


After 7 albums of unique electronica released on his own label and recorded in his studio based in London, Benge shares his musical visions with Sub Rosa by way of his favorite tracks from his five first releases on an album outrageously called The Very Best Of and packaged in the grand tradition of seminal listening music albums. In an attempt to reconcile the sound of machines dreaming of electric shapes and floating on magnetic clouds with an updated musical expression of warmth, the British sandman invites you to the land of electronic meditation. Regarding his direct and reduced style, Benge is the missing link between the 70´s melodic electronica and the present advanced electro wizards, a truly relevant ambient revivalist.

These untitled tracks come from seven records self published by Benge in '90s.

The Wire "...Slow, warm, analog whorls and rolling, glassy blurs orbit lusciously around flickering pinpoint percussion, creating a complex melodic interplay and textural density through a pile up of offset notes and rhythms..."


01 Untitled 5:53
02 Untitled 4:22
03 Untitled 8:06
04 Untitled 5:55
05 Untitled 6:21
06 Untitled 8:25
07 Untitled 5:18
08 Untitled 3:49
09 Untitled 4:23
10 Untitled 5:24