hard sleeper

Rain / A Leaf Spiral

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Following on from his contribution to Floating Foundation vol. 2 (SR191), 'Rain / A leaf spiral' is the first album-length release for Sub Rosa from Dublin based artist Hard Sleeper (Peter Maybury). Published in 2004.

Maybury would qualify his music as "the detritus of pop," tentative shapes and melodies are pieced together through fragments of dislocated sounds. Drums, piano, analog synthesizers and guitars allowing music and images to travel a parallel journey through dreamy landscapes drifting in and out of focus - as if memories or thoughts that come to you while traveling, passing from waking to sleeping and other states of semi-consciousness.

Peter Maybury is a part of 'serverproject' with Donnacha Costello (Mille Plateaux, Raster Noton), David Donohoe (Force Inc.) and Dennis McNulty (Planet-Mu, rgc, bizarremusic), creating site-specific networked electronic performances.

Peter Maybury is an acclaimed designer and typographer whose work has featured extensively in numerous design periodicals and books, including 'CD Art - Innovation in CD Packaging Design' (RotoVision) and 'The Typographic Experiment' (Thames & Hudson), He was an invited artist contributing a 'brand' to 'Soon' (Stone/Getty Images). His work for CODE magazine, the Douglas Hyde Gallery, and the Dublin French Film Festival were featured in issue 45 of Immigré magazine, with whom he also worked to create the self-titled 'Hard Sleeper' - a 72 pg. book and CD, released as the concluding part in Immigré Music's 'Dreaming Trilogy'. Maybury has designed numerous CDs for Sub Rosa including the on-going project 'An Anthology of Noise and Electronic Music'.

Approaching a project, by Peter Maybury




01 Rain 23:31
02 A Leaf Spiral Pt. 1 5:40
03 A Leaf Spiral Pt. 2 3:09
04 A Leaf Spiral Pt. 3 5:33
05 A Leaf Spiral Pt. 4 3:49