jardin d'usure

Electric Musical Chairs

CD jewel case

SR 172

Between 1994 and 2000, Gabriel Severin & Marc Medea produced 4 full-lengh albums for Sub Rosa. The first under the name Jardin d'Usure, then two under the name Silk Saw - and final one that is, more Jardin d'Usure then Silk Saw, but partly remixed in the spirit of Silk Saw. Electric Musical Chairs was published in 2000.

Back in 1989 came the first efforts from Jardin d'Usure, a post-dada duo from Brussels which soon became purveyors of Sub Rosa classics. Slowly mutating under massive exposition to radioactive particles into the Silk Saw chaos factory, producing highly innovative illbient material, full of sub-bass and groovy abstraction. 1999, ten years after their first appearance, they decided to create the best of both worlds, the ultimate confrontation between their schizophrenic projects. Hybridation is now successfully completed. Through the project Jardin d'Usure, the Belgian duo of Marc Medea and Gabriel Severin tried to cut the edges of music, with an obvious taste for abstraction and 'dadaïsm'. They recorded under this name the memorable album Musique du Garrot et de la Ferraille and several pieces for compilations such as Continuum Absorbus 2, a Sub Rosa lexicon. They added a new approach to their universe, and started a new project, more orientated toward massive bass and slow-motion crushing. Silk Saw was born.

Their first album Come Freely, Go Safely was acclaimed as a masterpiece in the new-born illbient scene, even without a connection to New York. The Multi-Projects duo (a.k.a. Ultraphonist) dared the ulimate experiment: blending the particles from Jardin d'Usure and Silk Saw, trying to create the perfect hybridation through a process of recreation, some kind of strange and fascinating osmotic process. As always, their fascination for organic sounds is creating a two-sided, (or, one might say, three-sided) musical field, pulsating in unison with your mind, heart, bones, and chest. Infiltrating every cell and organ. As the band said 'the ultimate billow which makes us overturn, it gets you tipsy and is about to revoke.' Let's keep some secret about it.




01 This Machine Kills 6:13
02 Antechamber 2:51
03 Ineluctable 6:27
04 Idiots Cage / Silk Saw Remix 9:03
05 11th of November 6:30
06 Moron Jig / Silk Saw Remix 3:09
07 Cage 3:41
08 Raoul the Houseman / Silk Saw Remix 5:42
09 Armistice/Armless 7:18
10 Jugsong / Silk Saw Remix 5:09
11 My Mother 5:08
12 Culinae Cantor / Silk Saw Remix 4:48