kurt ralske

Amor 0 + 01

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First solo album published in 2001 by the creator of "Ultra Vivid Scene" (4 AD/pop with irony) and "Cathars" (meta-electronic), now back with soulful minimalist electronic music (before he got deeply involved in video art).

Kurt Ralske is a Manhattan-based composer, electronic musician, and computer audio-video artist. As a composer, he has scored nine feature films, including "Elements of a forgotten Merzbau (Kurt Schwitters)" directed by Guy Marc Hinant, the complete original score for "Not A Love Song", winner of the Critic's Award Best Feature Film at the Berlin Film Festival in 1997. What we propose here is Kurt's current electronic music project, the result of his work in computer programming for digital audio using the Max/MSP language. Experimental ambient textures are liquid and ottherworldly, described by Alternative Press as "proving that machines do indeed have souls -- it just takes special musicians to reveal them."

The recent release of the new computer language Nato.0+55 caused Kurt's computer music work to drift into the realm of computer video. he explains, "Nato.0+55 allows me to take programs i've written that generate audio, and slightly modify them to be able to generate video. Data is just data; audio, video, the media type is secondary to what one does with it. working on scoring films, my role was to create music for visuals; now, I am using Nato to do sort of the reverse -- creating real-time visuals to match the music. plus, now there are new ways for audio and video data to interact and influence one another..." including on cd+ a 5' film by kurt himself.


01 Amor .0+01.
02 New Kyrie
03 Forgiven

Video by Kurt Ralske : Amor .0+01.