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Orgazio - second part of the Lilith trilogy published by Sub Rosa from 1992 to 1995.

LILITH's second album is inspired by an organisation of the English writer and black mage Aleister Crowley (right). Before World War II this highly ambiguous caracter infiltrated the Golden Dawn of the Outside sect, which ranked Nobel Prize winner W.B. Yeats and the creator of Dracula, Bram Stocker among its members. After he had dissolved this sect, Crowley went on to found his own: Astrum Argentum; he organized orgiastic rituals (which in Italy will lead to the death of one person; Crowley is subsequently banished from the country). He goes by the names THE BEAST or 666, and writes "Magic in Theory and Practice" among other books. When World War II is declared, he suggests a sure means to victory to Churchill. ORGAZIO combines structures taken from Crowley 's magic formulas with his own voice (rare documents); it also uses real cosmic recordings (courtesy of the Adler Planetarium of Chicago). Some of these sounds appear on the limit of audibility; others create an eerie phenomenon of "disconnection".

SCOTT GIBBONS - Since he started doing performing in 1988 with the New Elementals in Dallas, Texas, Scott Gibbons has written several soundtracks, dance pieces and sound installations for art galleries. He took a double major in Philosophy and Religious Studies and an MA in History of Religions. His field is music as it relates to the religious experience and (in this context) contributes to altereted states of consciousness. He concentrates his musical activities on Lilith at the "Disciple Divinity House of the University of Chicago".

Aleister Crowley




01 With Both Fists Part I: Yod 0:11
02 With Both Fists Part I: Hé 4:00
03 With Both Fists Part III: Vau 12:13
04 With Both Fists Part IV: Hé 6:26
05 The Red Tincture 23:10