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The texts are based on child soldier accounts from Burma, Israel, Liberia, Lebanon, The Philippines and Uganda. Words on track 01 are based on the testimony of Josephine Kamara from Liberia. Tracks 02 & 13 are based on reports of torture of children worldwide in the year 2000. Released on Sub Rosa in 2002.
The album Infantry dives headlong into the harsh reality of a child in an adult's world. It is an intimate document exploring manipulation, militarist education and war.
The mood shifts rapidly from the violent and tragic to the comic and grotesque, reflecting the ambiguous nature of the subject. The sound material draws from a wide scope of sources: extensive use of text and voice, recorded sounds of children in their natural or unnatural surroundings, acoustic instruments and a variety of the latest electronic techniques in the field of synthesis and sound processing.
The album combines different genres; heavy beats, soundscape narratives, noise and theatrical elements merge into one. Both text and sound refer to different places, ranging from the Middle East (where the artists grew up) and Africa to Europe.
Infantry, being a painful and intense listening experience as it is, cannot amount to the harshness of the reality it reflects.
It will not leave you indifferent.
Meira Asher

Israeli singer Meira Asher has earned a reputation for her unflinching songs of protest that focus on subject matter ranging from incest to Middle Eastern politics, often combining traditional music and scripture with contemporary settings. Having studied percussion and dance in Ghana and the Ivory Coast, Asher has also worked in music therapy for autistic children and taught percussion in several universities in Israel. Her self-produced debut, 1997's Dissected, introduced listeners to her style and subject matter, setting the table for the follow-up. Released two years later, Spears Into Hooks focused on the Israel/Palestine issue and was even more caustic, stripping away some of the world music of her previous effort in an attempt to create an electronic opera that combined spoken word and chants with the edgy music.
Tom Demalon




01 Girl 2:25
02 Torture - Bodyparts 3:40
03 Airplane Quiz 3:19
04 The School 0:39
05 Childsoldier List 4:13
06 Box 3:26
07 The Car 0:41
08 Lineboy 5:44
09 Nr. 1 2:44
10 Daumenlutscher 3:15
11 BadToys 7:59
12 The Hospital 0:55
13 Torture - ABC 2:05
14 Tots 6:35