mitchell akiyama

. If Night is a Weed and Day Grows Less

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First part of a diptych published by Sub Rosa in 2004-05.
Recorded in Montréal, Canada, If Night Is A Weed And Day Grows Less, the 4th solo cd by Mitchell Akiyama, marks a more concerted return to Akiyama's classical roots. All eight pieces grew out of four piano compositions that were torn apart and reassembled - fragments of one piece contaminating another - reordered melodies, hidden references, obscured refrains.
It is weeds fighting the hegemony of the lawn, it is the possibility of anarchy resulting in fleeting orders of beauty, it is the progeny of Steve Reich, Michel Foucault and Marcel Duchamp.

The slow growing form of Akiyama.
Mitchell Akiyama's career in the arts has followed a reasonably circuitous path. A student of creative writing and literature before switching to interdisciplinary studies, Akiyama's work as a composer of electronic music and video artist has come to incorporate disparate disciplines, aesthetics and theoretical traditions. He has beenbased in Montreal since 1998 and has thoroughly absorbed the currents of electroacoustics, visual art and modern dance for which the city has always been famous. Akiyama's musical output began with his debut album, intr_verse which he released himself on his nascient intr_version imprint in 1999. A warm, complex work of beat-driven electronica, the record received several glowing reviews and managed to find its way into a few year end lists despite its small run and limited availability. A 2001 follow-up was released on Canadian label Alien8's sublabel, Substractif. It was met with near unanimous acclaim from critics and propelled Akiyama to prominence in the Canadian experimental electronic music scene. He recently released a collaborative work with Cincinnati musician Joshua Treble. The project, Désormais marks a more organic, compositional direction for Akiyama. Brimming with deconstructed guitars, pianos and field recordings, it is a lush and sometimes jarring work. His third solo full length, Temporary Music, was recently released by Raster-Noton.


01 Try To Conceal 5:42
02 Enfin, Rien Est Gagné 5:27
03 With Hope That (For Steve Reich) 6:06
04 A Lesser Path Growing 2:58
05 Il N'y A Pas De Silence 3:37
06 If Day Wins, Night Could Fail 4:47
07 Fall Away Fall Away 5:31
08 Night Grows Less 1:23