mitchell akiyama

Small Explosions That Are Your's to Keep

CD digipack


Second part of a diptych published by Sub Rosa in 2004-05.

Akiyama's fourth and most ambitious solo recording is a sprawling work that bristles, burns and slouches with emotion. 'Small explosions that are yours to keep' came into being at the twilit edges of composition and digital manipulation and sets billowing strings drifting around household gamelans while shimmering guitars drown in saxophone waves.

He has been based in Montreal since 1998 and has thoroughly absorbed the currents of electroacoustics, visual art and modern dance for which the city has always been famous. Since his debut recording on Alien8 Recordings, Hope That Lines Don't Cross, he has emerged as one of Canada's premier electronic composers and has recorded for internationally renowned labels such as German minimalist label Raster Noton ( Temporary Music, 2002) and Belgian sound art innovator Sub Rosa (If night is a weed and day grows less, 2004). Akiyama's music is a study in fiction and texture.
He records compositions and improvisations for piano, strings, and other instruments, and restructures them in his studio in a post-facto montage. Playing on the distortions in causality that recording technology can effect, Akiyama creates music that lays claim to a moment of creation that never happened. Imperfections - fingers scraping strings, breaths and other signs of humanity - are underscored resulting in a digital simulacrum of performance. Located somewhere in the interstices of classical, electronic composition and post-rock, his works vacillate between delicate melodies and confrontational bursts of noise.


01 Strategies For Combatting Invisibility 5:37
02 But Promise Me 4:07
03 Full Then Felt 6:27
04 Your Distance Kept 4:42
05 Through Fall And Flicker 1:54
06 Small Explosions That Are Yours To Keep 7:18
07 Suggestions For Walking Alone 2:54
08 Contrapuntal Lung Apparatus 4:24
09 Overhead Then Exit 6:15
10 With Her Shadow Cast In Doubt 4:42
11 Ghost Storms 5:34