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Between 1997 and 2002, on his own name, Yoshihiro Hanno, or with Multiphonic Ensemble, four records have been released by Sub Rosa. Cirque is the second, published in 1999.

Based in Osaka, Multiphonic Ensemble, a.k.a. Yoshihiro Hanno has been exploring, since 1988, the many faces of music (drum 'n' bass, hip hop, soundtracks, post-free jazz) with an obvious taste for fusion. After the fascinating and acclaimed King of May, here is Cirque. But don't expect a simple illustration of the circus arena from Yoshihiro Hanno. Imagine something closer to a parade of junglists meeting contemporary music composers who are experimenting with hip hop illumination, or jugglers presenting their skills with sounds, voices and noises. Cirque is an eclectic wild performance based on furious diversity, reaching a high level of magic and emotion on the more atmospheric tracks (like the finale for 'Sonata for Impudent Moon'). A bridge between King of May and the soundtrack Yoshihiro did for Hou Hsiao Hsien's Flowers For Shanghai movie. This new opus is a perfect example of what the multiphonic project is based on: a taste for an infinite universe of fusion, and an attempt to tame one's own world of ideas, thoughts, emotions. The Multiphonic Ensemble paints an invigorating yet chillingly surreal picture of Tokyo, providing proper audio accompaniment to the hi-tech, ambiguously subjective realities proposed in sophisticated anime, like a ghost in the machine. Japanese-junglist fusion is natural, since both have a concept of musical space, breath, and phrase construction unlike much in the West. Powerful and innovative, yet urban like Squarepusher, Hanno seeks to de- and re-construct jazz using drum 'n' bass techniques. In addition, like Photek, he does so in a way that remains listenable and stimulating. Nicely placed atmospherics from chimes, tuned percussion, funky bass lines, and electronics make this a real listening pleasure.




01 Prologue 0:38
02 Imagism 5:09
03 Burlesque 4:16
04 A Testy Choreographer 5:19
05 Portrait Of A Thin Pierrot 3:53
06 Jongleurs 3:30
07 A Big Bull And A Little Mahout 5:47
08 Choral For Summer 1:15
09 Three Ornately Bicyclists 5:16
10 A Babe And An Old Ballerina 7:30
11 Children's Rhapsody 0:20
12 Waltz For A Little Bear And A Blue Dog 0:58
13 Electric Music Box 4:45
14 Marquis Grotesque 2:31
15 Backstage Lady 1:30
16 Octosyllabic Oddity 4:24
17 Epilogue 0:32
18 Sonata For Impudent Moon 12:14