pierre berthet

Extended Loudspeakers

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Extended loudspeakers
Jerrycans connected by a network of steel wires, each wire length and can location is adapted to the space. a loudspeaker is slipped inside one of the cans; the sounds it broadcasts make the wires vibrate. When these sounds are modulated (pitch, timbre, volume, density), the cans produce various resonances, which can be injected back into the speaker (feedback). the cans are hanging, so that listeners can circulate and choose different listening perspectives.


Pierre Berthet lives and works in Liège, Belgium. Musician, composer, inventor, craftsman. He studied percussion with André Van Belle and Georges-Elie Octors. Improvisation with Garrett List. Composition with Frederic Rzewski. Music theory with Henri Pousseur. He designs and builds sound objects and installations (steel, plastic, water, magnetic fields, ...). He presents them in exhibitions and solo or duo performances. He worked with Frédéric Le Junter, Pierre Bastien, dj Low, Rudi Trouvé, and played percussion with Arnold Dreyblatt ("Animal Magnetism" on Tzadik, "The Sound of One String" on Table of the Elements).


01 part one 07:55
02 part two 08:53
03 part three 04:59
04 part four 11:00
05 part five 06:11
06 part six 11:06
07 part seven 09:36