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Japanese electronica duo ROM=PARI consists of brothers Tatsuya and Eiji Yoshida; Tatsuya worked on remixes for such artists as Geodezik and Ground Zero before beginning his fraternal collaboration. ROM=PARI's debut album, View, is primarily influenced by melodic ambient techno artists like Aphex Twin and Autechre, but parts of the record have a more aggressive edge, and the Yoshida brothers have slightly more exotic tastes in secondary influences. (Steve Huey, All Music Guide)

Anti-stereotype electronic music - extremely warped drum sound and exotic pop melody.

Thanks to his Audio Active friends, ROM=PARI's leader Tatsuya Yoshida did some remixes of Geodezik (Beat Records) and performed live with the band, including a live show this year at Japan's foremost music event, The Fuji Rock Festival. hHe decided then to begin collaborating with Eiji on a series of recordings which rapidly evolved into their debut album: View. Aside from Geodezik, Tatsuya has also completed remixes for Ground Zero and, as ROM=PARI, they are currently working on tracks for Audio Active.

Seek it out and play it often! ROM=PARI is the product of 1 mother, 1 father, 2 brains, 4 arms, 1000 cheap electronic machines, 5000 days of nomadic youth and a sizable chunk of Tokyo style. Tatsuya and Eiji Yoshida, born in the USA and UK respectively, spent their formative years traveling between America, England, Hong Kong, Switzerland and from time to time even stopped off in Japan for a day here and there. finally settling down in Tokyo shortly after Yoshida fifteenth birthday. The two individually began to work on an array of uniquely exotic oriental gypsy sounds, slowly converging into what is now ROM=PARI. Their debut album is released by Sub Rosa in Europe and Beat Records in Japan.


01 Thanks For The Party 3:15
02 6000000000 Damaged People [Minus Myself] 3:31
03 Lisp 4:33
04 Albert Fish 5:06
05 Jim & Betty 2:21
06 Here They Scum! 3:55
07 Fuzz Factory 4:12
08 As Sick As Possible 3:23
09 Transmutation 3:44
10 Hip Hop Still Need MC & CM? 4:28
11 The Most Beautiful Ending 4:48