Sound for Spaces

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Published in 1998, this is Scanner's third monography on Sub Rosa (after Sulphur SR95 and The Garden is Full of Metal SR104). He was a close collaborator in the '90s (more than a dozen records published in collaboration).

Outside of Scanner's controversial mobile phone scans of the time, he was also creating works for installation and radio art projects, some of which are documented on this CD. Sound for Spaces is a collection of his best unreleased works, running in reverse chronological order from 1997 back to 1984. Documenta X is the sort of ambient music to give your bass bins serious trouble, Invisible Choirs sounds like a walk through the inner workings of an immense cathedral organ, and A Piece of Monologue makes logical connections between the emotive pull of Samuel Beckett's found phrases and the subconscious of Rimbaud's found sounds.


"Rimbaud's talent for structure and contrast imbues this music with real power and expressive meaning beyond mere experimentation. An intriguing and worthwhile album that should be on the shopping list of all adventurous listeners."

"Sound for Spaces draws strength from its utter simplicity, delivering an evocative collection of incidental music that stands up to the best work of other kindred spirits."
Alternative Press

"This compilation could actually be Scanner's most complete work to date. This is one of those records we always strive to find in the shops."
DJ Magazine




01 Documenta X 11:21
02 Slow Motion 8:50
03 Incarceration 6:58
04 Rivers & Bridges 3:32
05 Invisible Choirs 5:38
06 Hearing Is Believing 9:59
07 Airfoil 4:46
08 A Piece Of Monologue - words by Samuel Beckett 14:48
09 Disclosure 5:22