An Evening with Charlie

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An evening with Charlie is not the regular type of beats and samples an MC would like to rhyme on... It is more a collection of crafty little pieces, groovy as possible, filled with strange samples, full of soul, funk, acoustic sounds. Tal wanted a career as a classical composer, carefully studying at the music conservatory... a place he was expelled from at the age of eight ! He went back to his portable record player to listen to some old school hip hop with his brother. After a Casio "karaoke"-like experiment (using the slow-rock or rhumba presets), he became a teenage funky freak as a bass player. Armed with his bass, he went to New York where he spent some time jamming with jazz musicians... and discovered a world of diversity, of fusion: experimental music, hip-hop, jazz, soul. Under the spell of this blessed moment, he stayed for a while in Paris and spent time at the fine arts school's electronic departement. As a never- satisfied traveller and music freak, Tal is now based in London, trying to find out the secrets of electro-acoustic music. This unstoppable appetite for travelling, musical encounters of every types, this constant auto-abduction out of this world is maybe part of the secret spices behind this Evening with Charlie.

This is an alternative for a head that has been done in by too much techno. The Paris-bred Tal who has not yet finished studying for his Sonic Arts degree in London presents here a collection of laid-back tracks. Each track has been put together after hours of painskating sampling and an obviously vast net has been cast to search for the sounds. More immediate roots are jazz and funk, but there is a unique ear here for juxtaposition and Tal has used everything from John Travolta to the grim noise of a needle scratched accross vinyl. On tracks like 'Erotica Pinball', with its conclusion of porn and pinball machine samples, the music never falls into the trap of being gimmicky. This music really isn't just another lot of samples thrown together over a trip-hop beat, as there has been much work combining quite complex sounds.


01 I Was Told 3:28
02 Turntables Turnpike 4:21
03 That Soul Thing 4:18
04 Got To Go 3:26
05 Yes Man 2:24
06 You Will Like It 2:48
07 Lightning 2:26
08 Monkey Business 2:40
09 Soap Pop 2:34
10 Snappy Stuff 3:18
11 Heart 1:54
12 Erotica Pinball 2:27
13 Forgot The Basics 4:19