the hafler trio

One Dozen Ecomomical Stories

CD digisleeve + booklet


Published in 1994, limited to 1000 copies.

During the period from 1989 through 1993, filmmaker and painter Peter Greenaway and Hafler Trio's Andrew McKenzie collaborated on this work, which consists of 12 of Greenaway's short texts, "corrupted, manipulated, and accompanied" by the Hafler Trio. The CD comes with a booklet containing all 12 stories with diagrams for tying knots on the opposite pages. Most of the music is very similar to other Hafler Trio albums, with drones, crackles, and loops featured most prominently. There are fewer field recordings than on other albums, with only tracks three and ten containing a few bird calls. Track two is a techno dance track, with spooky altered vocals hovering in the background. Tracks five and 12 are exclusively prerecorded material, an old scratchy guitar recording on five and a pop song from the 1950s on 12. The sixth track is very similar to Steve Reich's phase shifting tape works, such as "Come Out" or "It's Gonna Rain." Other than track seven, which sounds like it was taken from a telephone answering machine recording, there are few overt vocal samples, so it is unclear how the Hafler Trio might have corrupted or manipulated Greenaway's stories. Perhaps because the individual pieces were recorded over four years, this collection doesn't hang together as well as some of Hafler Trio's other work and is one of their less successful recordings.
Caleb Deupree / All Music Guide




01 Some High Flying Toxic Luck, On The Earth Possibly 4:45
02 By Eager Discarded Mention, Such Distance 4:04
03 A On A 7:10
04 Stolen Track Found In Search Of The Path 11:26
05 From A Cause, The Supply 1:21
06 Like Watching Winter. Long The Abuse Of Night 2:19
07 After The Dark, Shadow Never Again 3:56
08 Who Approach Only Through Anxieties.
Absolutely Pouring The Afternoon Buildings 3:04
09 Film To The Body, Later 4:21
10 The Seventh Door Into The Site 4:13
11 Be In Damp Mould, Up 2:47
12 First Enough And Ceased Finally To Comfort 1:59