tone rec

Coucy Pack

CD jewel case

Claude Pailliot, Emeric Aelters, Gaëtan Collet, and Vincent Thierion were Tone Rec before they became Dat Politics, based in Lille, France. As Tone Rec, between 1997 and 1999, they produced 3 full-length albums for Sub Rosa + one extented remix project in 2000. Coucy Pack was their last act.

For their third album - still on Sub Rosa - french foursome tone rec, whose slow-burning tracks often rely on CD skips, crystalline drones and computer/DAT manipulation, form part of a strange, lo-fi dissonant movement that seems to seep its way out of the walls and across national boundaries in osmotic fashion. They seem to have a mission : to strip down the essence of electronic sound into dry husks and weave those husks into some primordial sonic basket to be later used to carry small cargos of fragmented rock, deconstructing their own live-recorded breaks and then manipuling them via computer is the nature of the weave taking place.


01 Ten 3:18
02 Dolorimetri 1:35
03 Brunswick Index 5:32
04 A Mini Farcett 7:09
05 Portable 3:17
06 Pass Pass Factor 4:24
07 No Stock Media 4:37
08 Fizz 0:43
09 Discoglosse 5:36
10 Parka Bodil 5:43