wang changcun

The Mountain Swallowing Sadness

digipack CD

SR232 CD

Sound artist, born in 1981, Hei Longjiang province, China.
Lives in Hang Zhou, Zhe Jiang province, China.
Active member of China Sound Unit.

The young Changcun is a complexe noise-maker in the style of the great Karkowski. This cd is his first published. His Grand Hotel piece is more than 40 minutes exploration. Wang Changcun : for Grand hotel, i want to build an architecture in the ear, i am the cicerone when people hang around in the hotel (for me it's a hotel, listener may build any architecture in his ear world).
The will to produce noise in such a country is a political action. Probably the beginning of something strong. The other track is a field recordings of a Burial in the area of Harbin, north-east of China.

An active member of the China Sound Unit, Wang Changcun has performed solo or with ensembles at the following events: Four Seasons in Shanghai, Get It Louder in Beijing, and China Sound Unit #1 in Hangzhou. In 2004, he presented a solo set in Paris during Nuit Blanche and performed at 1000 Revolutions a Second (Brussels and Gand, Belgium). A year earlier, the composer, producer and founder of the Chinese-American record label Post-Concrete Yao Dajuin had released a bomb: China - The Sonic Avant-Garde, a 2-CD compilation (which contains seven of Wang's short compositions) revealing the talents of Zhang Jüngang, Wang Changcun, Fu Yü, Jia Haiqing, Lisa Ruyi, Hu Mage, Xü Cheng, Zhou Pei, Zhong Minjie, Jiang Yühui, Intelligent Shanghai Mono University, and the China Sound Unit - over two hours of experimental music, plunderphonics, concrete (or post-concrete) music and noise.
All these pieces composed in 2002 by Wang, while he was living in Harbin (in North-Eastern China). There is much to say about this revelation - which, incidentally, was perfectly legible to us. A great level of activity is currently developing in China's large cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Guangzhou), where several experimental music concerts are presented.

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01 Grand Hotel 39'52
02 King of Image 1995 16'17