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Their first and only CD (including a CD ROM), published in 1996.

YFCF is Herbert Van de Sompel and Guy Van Belle - both are highly vested in new forms of art and science. After several solo projects they reunited in 1991 to attend an IRCAM workshop in Paris - with the discovery of 'MAX', a programming language, the duo made a radical shift to computer music.

With a lot of strange stories, YFCF oscillates between pure absurdity and science. All the music is built by a real-time composing environment for an unlimited number of networked computers and sound devices. This object gives you a 'suite' of two long tracks: The Newspaper Sessions and the Neckchair Chronicles (30' each) + an exploration of the YFCF files: theorical texts, lyrics, scientific explanation, photos, videos, and performances....

A mix-up of music, stories, moving images and texts... New medias provide fascinating resources that provoke a dynamic and irreversible change in society. For YFCF, the purpose of performing is to confront an audience with a collaborative involvement in this turbulent process. By using new technologies as a foundation for artistic output, YFCF hope to contribute to the definition of new media aesthetics in a pratical way...


The Neckhar Chronicles
01 Japanese Intro 4:43
02 On Benches 1:40
03 The Doppler Song 2:35
04 Piece Of Cake 1:15
05 Satellite Newsroom 3:14
06 The Diary 2:22
07 Spaceex 1:31
08 Mother's Letter 3:48
09 Spaceef 2:05
10 Gloves And Tragedy 3:19
11 Tv Is A Tool For Tyrants 3:12
12 321 3:19
The Newspaper Sessions
13 Theresa Pearson 4:43
14 Barbara 3:58
15 The Window 2:58
16 Menopause 5:18
17 Nuns 4:31