bokar rimpoche

Sacred Chants And Tibetan Rituals From The Monastery Of Mirik

Recorded by Guy Maezelle


CD digipack + 16 pages booklet


Recorded at the Mirik Monastery (North-Eastern India) with the complete collaboration of Bokar Rimpoche -
all pieces were edited by filmmaker Guy Maezelle (Bokar Rimpoché: Meditation Master).

Bokar Rimpoche. Acknowledged as a Great Master of Tibetan Buddhism, Bokar Rimpoche (1940-2004) devoted his whole life to meditation. Having fled Tibet in 1959, he lived in exile, isolated in a little monastery in the mountains. The spiritual son of Kalou Rimpoché, a close relation of the Dalai Lama and Meditation Master of the 17th Karmapa, Bokar Rimpoche was the heir and representative of an ancestral knowledge (of the Kagyü line) passed along from generation to generation and holding wisdom that still enlightens us today. These recordings match Guy Maezelle's film Bokar Rimpoche: Maître de méditation and feature sacred chants recorded by Bokar Rimpoche himself and ritual music from the Mirik Monastery (Himalayan Mountains in Northern India, between Bhutan and Nepal).

A message from Bokar Rimpoche : "We, practising Buddhists, must understand that all that we accomplish in this life results originally from our mothers goodness. For it is first thanks to her that we are able to survive. It is her that fed us, clothed us, and who took care of our education. But in reality, our whole life depends on all the other beings and their activities. For example, meat, milk and butter are given to us by the animals. Our food, our clothes, our home depend on the work and effort of many other beings. In other words, on this earth, every day of our lives is lived depending on an infinite number of other beings for no one, since their birth, can survive alone. They would have no food and no clothes. So we must be aware that our life depends on the contribution of many other beings who show goodness towards us . Therefore it is all beings, without exception, that we should hold dear ! Even without referring to the word of Buddha, this interdependence between all beings is easy to understand".


01 Mountain soundscape (facing Mount Everest)
02 Taking refuge by Lama Tcheupel (monk at the Monastery of Mirik)
03 Excerpt from "The hundred thousand songs of Milarepa" by Kyabje Bokar Rimpoche and a young monk
from the Mirik Forest
04 Four-Voice song: "Calling the lama from Afar" by Kyabje Bokar Rimpoche, Yangsi Kalou Rimpoche, Khempo Donyeu Rimpoche and Lama Tcheupel
05 In Tibetan bowls
06 The Tsok offering performed by Lama Tcheupel (monk at the Monastery of Mirik)
07 Bokar Rimpoche - teachings on meditation
08 Bokar Rimpoche - teachings on Meditation
09 Bokar Rimpoche Djémila - praise Mantra for Milarepa
10 Dedication of the Mahamudra meditation
11 Mahakala ceremony
12 Bokar Rimpoche - teachings on Meditation
13 A river in the Mirik forest