leo kupper + hossein malek

Santur : Occident / Orient


CD digipack + 24 page booklet


This disc offers two approaches to an ancient instrument called santur. The first - the eastern - by the Iranian master musician Hossein Malek, features improvised pieces recorded by Leo in the 80's - a unique and valuable archive. The second is the Western approach of his friend Leo Kupper, a student of the first; where it goes through the filter of undetectable electronic.
Santur - the word is mentioned in the Bible and the word is Aramaic. We find a representation of an Assyrian sculpture of Assurbanipal (667- 626 BC. AD). The Santur is an isosceles trapezoid zither seventy-two string (36 strings of brass and steel 36) fixed and crossed (with four strings per note). We play the instrument with light rods and fines medlar.


Born in Nidrum, Belgium, April 16, 1935. Musicology Studies and History of Art at the University of Liege and Brussels. Collaboration with Henri Pousseur, at Studio Apelac (first electronic music studio of Belgium) from 1962. Musician at Radio Télévision Belge (RTB and RTBF). Founder and Director of Studio de Recherches et de Structurations Électroniques Auditives, since 1967.


Hossein Malek was born July 17, 1925, in the popular neighborhoods of Tehran.
He died in 1999 in the same town after an exile in Belgium. He was only two years old when he heard for the first time and discovered the Santur with emotion (play by the master Habib Samai who lived next door). He then had several other professors: Nurali Khan Borumand, Abolhassan Saba, and Shokro Ghamar. He enjoyed worldwide fame, playing in most countries of the world and leading an existence of particular intensity. During one special evening in '70, the Queen of England apologized to the other musicians she invited, ssaying that what she had just heard was so beautiful that she no longer wished to listen to anyone else.




01. Santur et Oscines (Tchahargah)
Leo Kupper 14'40
02. Invention 1 (Segah)
Hossein Malek 8'40
03. Parcours pour Santur (Shur)
Leo Kupper 7'24
04. Invention 2 (Shur)
Hossein Malek 11'39
05. Remember Hossein Malek (Shur)
Leo Kupper 12'52
06. Invention 3 (Mahur)
Hossein Malek 7'28