Bear Tamers Music


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Ursari music or Bear tamers music
Shukar's sound is coming from the old times, when Tatars and Mongolians came to Dacia (the old name of Romania). The members of Shukar (that's mean "fine" in rom language) play very original sounds called ursari music (which descends from the brotherhood of the bear-tamers), a very old and primitive kind of gipsy nomad music. They use primitive and old "instruments" like spoons, wooden barrel or darabuka. Shukar's music is very powerful and "aggressive" but highly and deeply emotional. Basically it's exclusively a music made of percussions and voices. The core of the group is made of 3 exceptional people: Napoleon, Tamamgo and Classic.

plays at wooden barrel's percussion and voices: 38 years old. He comes from a 12 children family. The name of his father is Coco (Rooster) and the name of his mother Salcia (Willow). He plays a wooden barrel in which he is throwing with stones taken from the alley. He is married to Nadia and father of five children: Razbunetor (Avenger), Armando, Bilclinton (Bill Clinton), Indonezia (Indonesia), and Lovenea (Beauty in Rroma language). He currently lives in the village of Gratia, Teleorman County - Romania and appeared as special guest on Taraf de Haïdouks album "Dumbala Dumba" (Crammed) in 1988.

plays at spoons and voices: Not specified age, around 62. He plays on spoons since he was 16. His name is already a legend in the local folk music; one line being written especially for him: "i pe aripa lui scria, Tamango nu muita." ("On his wing there was a note, Tamango forget me not.") There is no connection between him and the well known Romanian football player, his model being... Louis Armstrong, whom he tries to follow due to his special vocal skills. He lives in the Balrii village, Teleorman County - Romania

plays at primitive-percussions and voice: 24 years old. A living classic of the bear-tamers music. His hobby is to collect metals items from the fields all around his native village (Gratia), from which he is manufacturing toys

Tamango, Napoleon and Clasic are ex-street circus performers who used to use trained bears for their shows. However this incorrect treatments of animals has stopped and their energies are now focused on music and feeding their families.



01 Prezentation
02 Cika-Laka
03 Jelem, Jelem
04 Masina Cu Paine
05 Tamango's Jazz lubire
06 Iubire
07 Malademna (Napoleon's Version)
08 Saeroma
09 Aurica
10 Catar O Birto Mai Opre
11 De Zlatari
12 Ramo Ramo
13 Garoafa
14 Stairiba
15 Na Da Ra
16 Jazz
17 Cika-Riba
17 Malademna (Shukar Version)
18 Bahtalo!