tibetan buddhist rites from the monasteries of bhutan

Recorded by John Levy


2CD inside a slipcase + 2 booklets


More than 140 minutes of the most powerful
Tibetan music ever recorded. Mythic recordings
by John Levy.

John Levy, an Englishman in Bhutan, early seventies. Released by Lyrichord in the mid-'70s, all the people who have listen to these vinyls know that there isn't something more powerful, more prodigious and pure than them. John Levy was a London ethnomusicologist who took refuge in Tibetan Buddhism. So he had all the possibilities to record - with his Nagra stereo - all the rituals (even the most sacred). We can say that what is discovered here is unique and far beyond all that was done after that. All the material is fully remastered, and we propose the Levy's collection divided into two volumes: one of rituals and chanting (SR222, 2005) and one of instrumentals and folk music (SR230, 2005).

The great power of the rituals of the Drupka and Nyingmapa Order. On the first volume, a double cd with extented notes, Rituals of the Drupka Order, the primary instrument is the long golden trumpet, along with various drums and percussion and a deep droning bass. Rather than soothingly meditative, the music can be a bit dissonant to Western ears. Chanted and played by 76 lamas and monks with long trumpets, shawms, cymbals, drums and other Tibetan instruments in sacred temples. Invited by the King of Bhutan, Levy was afforded every facility for recording monastic music in the main dzongs (great fort-like monasteries) of the Nyingmapa Order. The ethereal polytonal throat chanting, the long trumpets, shawms and percussion instruments, the processional music and spectacular mask dances, Tibetan and Bhutanese secular songs and poems, all reproduced with incredible sonic fidelity. A truly remarkable collection, with extensive liner notes, photographs, and musical illustrations by John Levy.


CD 1
Part 1: Rituals Of The Drukpa Order From Thimphu And Punakha
01 In Praise Of Genyen 5:40
02 Offering Of Golden Drink 1:22
03 Exhortation To The Guardian Goddess Of Long Life 5:07
04 Long Trumpets, 'Throat Ornament' 1:35
05 Long Trumpets, 'Two Notes Prolonged' 0:45
06 Invitation To Gonpo 3:05
07 Petition To Chakchen 4:23
08 Invoking Tshetro's Blessings 3:04
09 Supplication To The Buddhas 3:57
10 Aspiration To Be Reborn In The Western Paradise 1:03
11 Petition To Dramar 1:16
12 Prayer For Lama's Long Life 1:14
13 Large 'Mani-Wheel', With Mantra 1:49
14 Rite To Cure Disease, Chanted By Nuns 1:37
15 Rite To Cure Disease, Chanted By Nuns 3:06
16 Rite To Cure Disease, Chanted By Nuns 2:19
17 Bo Go Gyaling 1:37
18 Banga Trin Trin 3:23
19 Dung Chen, Long Trumpets 2:39
Part 2 : Sacred Dances And Rituals Of The Nyingmapa And Drukpa Orders From Nyimalung And Tongsa
20 Deer Dance 2:57
21 The Drum Dance Of Dramitse 3:52
22 Lama Norbu Gyamtseo, Lit. Jewel Ocean Guru 2:30
23 Lama Norbu Gyamtseo, Lit. Jewel Ocean Guru 9:06
24 Lama Norbu Gyamtseo, Lit. Jewel Ocean Guru 5:26

CD 2
01 Entreaty To The Three Buddha-Bodies 6:38
02 Invitation To Padma Sambhava 6:32
03 Rise Up, Padma 5:01
04 Words Of Prayer 2:49
05 Tibetan Shawms 2:19
Part 3 : Temple Rituals And Public Ceremonies
06 Myule Drelwa, Calling Down Of Deities To Subjugate Evil Spirit; And Kulwa, Its Death, Stabbed By Black Hat 10:24
07 Part Of Junbeb, The Coming / Down Of Grace 3:16
08 Monks In Procession Playing Portable Instruments Followed By Chanting Of The Heart-Drop Teaching 5:26
09 Drammyen Choshe, Song Of Offering, With Lute (Dramnyen) Lute Solo, Followed By Chorus, In A Praise Of Sons Of Buddha 3:58
10 Dramnyen Choshe, Chorus Only, Song In Praise Of Chinese Silk 1:29
11 Monks, A Clown, Crowds And Instruments 2:13
12 Monks, A Clown, Crowds And Instruments 2:12
13 Monks, A Clown, Crowds And Instruments 2:09
14 End Of Festival, With Temple Belle, And Drums And Trumpets 2:48
15 Wandering Ascetic 4:46
16 (Manip) Chanting A Milarepa Poem And A Mantra 0:24
17 Cymbals (Silnyen) Played Solo 0:53
18 Cross-Flute (Zurlim), Folk-Song From E. Bhutan 2:19
19 Another Manip Chanting Milarepa Poem 2:43
20 First Manip As Story-Teller 1:43