zahava seewald + psamim

Ashkenaz Songs 2 : Work and Revolution


SR145 CD


Zavaha's voice could first be heard in "Yiddish and Judeo-sSanish Songs" by Mosaic Trio (SR54) and in "Psamim 1" (SR89). Her group including accordionist Martin Weinberg, has, in the same time, recorded for John Zorn 's Tzadik in New York. This second opus retains the perfect alchemy between voice and instruments (violin, accordion...), an ideal formula for these moving, nostalgic songs, which sometimes are closer to warm lyricism. This record also breathes new life into traditional Jewish music. It conveys the adventure of a people who have become the adventure of all human beings.


Zahava: "All is born from my desire as a singer to retrace the lineage of Yiddish songs. From this repertoire of Eastern Europe I have chosen mostly little-known songs that express a complex and emotional universe. If this repertoire belongs to a people, a region, a moment of jewish history, it takes on an important sense that goes beyond the nostalgia of a lost world. Because these songs allow me to express an inner nature and a link to the present world, they are part of modernity."


With this second record, we go further. All the material presented here, all of these songs, come from the research of Zahava herself. Many of them were totally forgotten - mainly rare songs of sorrow, hard conditions of work, poverty... All the difficulties and dangers of the "modern life in a new world". Also, songs of hope and revolt and revolution... the Yiddishland!
All of this is heard here, pure and clear.


01 Doyne 3:31
02 Lomir Ale Zingen 3:45
03 Di Sokhe (The Plough) 1:46
04 Ikh Vil Nit Keyn Ayzerne Keytn 3:19
05 Birobidzhan Viglid 3:35
06 Ot Azoy Neyt A Shnayder
(That´s How The Tailor Sews) 2:15
07 Mayn Tsavoe (My Testament) 1:57
08 Di Shvue (The Promise) 2:34
09 Bulbes (Potatoes) 1:38
10 Forn Forstu Fun Mir Avek
(You Leave To Travel Far From Me) 2:42
11 Rivkele Di Shabesdike 3:10
12 Tsum Hemerl (To The Hammer) 1:30
13 Arbetslozer Marsh (The March Of The Jobless) 2:48
14 Un Du Akerst (You Labour) 2:42
15 Mayn Rue Plats (My Quiet Place) 3:01
16 In Kamf (In The Struggle) 2:11
17 Dire Gelt (The Rent) 1:59
18 Birobidzhan 3:06
19 Shtil, Di Nakht Iz Oysgeshternt
(Silence, The Night Is Starry) 2:06
20 Zog Nit Keynmol (Never Say) 2:44