israel martinez

Two espressos in separate cups LP limited

Strictly limited to 200 copies on 180 gr. vinyl.
Housed in a massive 9 panel poster designed by Bas Mantel.


Two espressos in separate cups is originally a sound work about 56 minutes for 16.2 channels, a commissioned piece by Mexican Contemporary Art University Museum (MUAC) for its Sound Experimentation Space (EES). The work was on exhibition from March to July 2011. This is a 40 minutes stereo version, specially made for this limited edition vinyl:
20 minutes each cup !

Two espressos in separate cups was composed between January and March 2011 and this stereo version was mastered by D.ego at Lumen lab (

"For me, cinema has influenced the way we associate sound and image, offering the idea that audio has to be eternally subordinate to the vision. I sampled a few seconds of silent moments from different movies which have influenced me (all from recent decades and many geographies) and then mixed them with my own field recordings from multiple sites or situations as "cantinas", sports courts, streets, airports, gardens, lakes, mountains, etc. Finally I produced electronic sounds from analog-digital synths and computer, creating a loop of 56 minutes which runs without any pause at the Museum, there's no matter about the moment that the listener enters to the space, he's free to stay and listen to it for a few minutes or long hours. I tried to make a metaphorical exercise "robbing" and "freeing" sound from its dependency to image, adding another sound gestures to be a representation of itself."
Israel Martinez

This work brings an immediate reference to a Jim Jarmusch film, but also creates a distinction in the experience while also a poetics. The cinematographer's experience, vision and sound, is different from that generated by the autonomy of the eye and the ear, such as the difference of drinking two espressos in separate cups, rather than a double espresso" said Marco A. Morales on MUAC exhibition's information.




side a
01 Two espressos in separate cups / cup 1 / 20'

side b
01 Two espressos in separate cups / cup 2 / 20'