anarchist republic of bzzz

Anarchist Republic of Bzzz


Limited Red vinyl LP
Black Vinyl LP


Anarchist Republic of Bzzz is the exceptional and ephemeral reunion of two cult guitarists (Marc Ribot & Arto Lindsay) and two inspired and engaged rappers (Sensational & Mike Ladd), with Seb el Zin at the helm. The group displays a level of urgency too rare nowadays. These five musicians break free from all the music rules and transcend all styles. This isn't free jazz nor free improvisation or dub or hip-hop - actually, the Anarchist Republic of Bzzz's sonic manifesto is simultaneously all that. This album is released exclusively on LP, in a scandalous sleeve designed by Kiki Picasso.

Marc Ribot
Everybody knows that he is one of the best guitarists in the world - from Rootless Cosmopolitans (1990) and Requiem for What's His Name (1992) to his recent Exercises in Futility (2008) and Party Intellectuals (2008). His collaborations are of course famous: Tom Waits, McCoy Tyner, Wilson Pickett, Foetus, T-Bone Burnett... He is a member of Zorn's Bar Kokhba Sextet and Electric Masada.

Arto Lindsay
From the seminal no wave group DNA with Ikue Mori and Robin Crutchfield, the Lounge Lizards and the Golden Palominos, to a series of highly personal releases: O Corpo Sutil (The Subtle Body) (1996), Mundo Civilizado (1997), Noon Chill (1998), Prize (1999), Invoke (2002), and Salt (2004). As a guitarist, he is described by Brian Olewnick as "studiedly naïve...sounding like the bastard child of Derek Bailey."

His debut solo effort Loaded With Power is an album like no other in the annals of hip-hop. CMJ called it "the most bold and experimental hip-hop record of the last couple of years," but even that is an understatement. The tripped-out flows, the broken beats, the lo-fi ambience all created an epic event in hip-hop that largely went unnoticed by the Puffy-worshipping masses.

Mike Ladd
Also a spoken word artist, Ladd is known for the unusual nature of his texts. As a producer, he is known as the owner of the Likemadd label. Under his own name he has produced: Vernacular Homicide (1996), Easy Listening 4 Armageddon (1997), Live from Paris (2000), Welcome to the Afterfuture (2000), Nostalgialator (2004), Negrophilia: The Album (2005), Father Divine (2005)...

Seb el Zin
He may be the least known member of this project, but he is its key factor, for he is the one who dreamed up this reunion. As a guitarist and singer, he leads the band ITHAK (album in progress), released several solo albums (Hypnose Scandee 2007), (Les Revelations de L'Aube 2008) and also plays with the Mami Chan Band (No Mort, 2008). An excellent producer and mixing engineer, he is in charge of the group's final sound.

Kiki Picasso
Founding member of Bazooka, the punk graphic design team that revolutionized the art of illustration as a whole in the late '70s. He probably owes much, to the Situationists and Dadaists. Bazooka's impact has never been surpassed since. This project marks his return to the art of drawing a record sleeve.




side A
01 Introduction 03:29
02 Yguduh 02:25
03 CIA spy dub 03:07
04 Sail away ladies-ARBzzz remix 02:01
05 Interlude 00:56
06 Facist 02:15
07 IBN battuta eats ruccola ? 01:43
08 Neural highways 02:25

side B
01 Creole rocket 02:37
02 Body plastic sandles 02:49