subsonic 2: bill laswell + nicholas james bullen

Bass Terror


Red colored jewel case CD / 1 copy left but the red jewel case is damaged, special price


Second record of 6 from the Subsonic series
dedicated to the electric guitar. Published in 1994.
Issued in a transparent red jewel box.

Nicholas James Bullen is one of the founding members with Miles Ratledge (Rat) of Napalm Death, the band credited with creating the Grindcore genre. The duo had collaborated on fanzines and played together in a number of 'bedroom' bands from 1980 onwards and formed the first line-up of Napalm Death in May 1981 (when Bullen and Ratledge were 13 and 14 years old respectively). Bullen was initially the vocalist in the group, but later began to play bass and vocals after Justin Broadrick (Godflesh and Jesu) was invited to join the group on guitar in 1985. Bullen had previously been a collaborator with Broadrick in the power electronics project Final in 1983 and 1984 and with Mick Harris in Scorn early 90'.

An odd kind of compilation disc featuring a single (long) solo track by Laswell and two long, essentially solo pieces by Bullen, former partner of Mick Harris in the British isolationist band Scorn. Laswell's "Bass Terror Tetragrammaton" is a funk heavy soundscape with the composer's ultra-deep bass featured up front, along with found conversation samples and synthetic percussion. Not as techno intense as roughly contemporaneous works like Doom Ride, but also not as ambient as any dozen of his releases from around the same time, this piece rides a relatively relaxed groove that's more akin to some of his earlier work with Material. The first Bullen track ranges from very catchy, stop-start dub-influenced lines, with his bass traversing even lower territories than Laswell's to spacey, ethereal waftings. Gripping at its best, but perhaps a bit overlong. The other sticks with a less visceral, mid-tempo, once again dubby pulse throughout its first half before abruptly moving to a quieter, subtly active area, with soft organ tones accompanying muted electronic percolations.
Brian Olewnick / All Music Guide


01 Bill Laswell - Bass Terror Tetragrammaton 15:16
02 Nicholas James Bullen - Noctural Crawl 18:38
03 Nicholas James Bullen - Again And Again 18:27