charles hayward & nick doyne-ditmas

My secret alphabet


CD digipack


This is the fourth album by Charles Hayward,
published in 1993.

This cd is born from a collaboration between Charles Hayward (founder of This Heat & The Camberwell Now) and multi-instrumentalist Nick Doyne-Ditmas. After Survive the Gesture (songs), Skew-Whiff (tribute to Mark Rothko) and Switch on War (music from the armchair theatre of war), this release reunites the song writing, improvised music and sonic researches in a more positive way to look at the world. Songs and soundfields, a résumé of Charles' universe.

"What interested me is the way certain shapes, figures and textures would reappear in completely different context as if made of different material. It was like a long line, a series of very strong moments that all seemed to relate to each other. It's like breaking a dream but also keeping the dream going. The shapes are there but you can't understand why they are there. That was a big influence for me in terms of constructing the record as a long and winding shape. The lyrics make a lot of sense in a linear way first and as the record develops it becomes more and more like snapshots and you can't really work out what you are focusing on." This album offers a wide variety of musical landscapes that ranges from clear pop songs (Hilly Fields, Unearthing Fossil Fuels, My Secret Alphabet....) to ambient instrumental pieces."
Charles Hayward


01 Hilly fields 3:35
02 Unearthing fossil fuels 4:53
03 November building 4:02
04 Slow air 3:41
05 Seventy two, trade white 6:02
06 Rumour is mobile 4:16
07 Slim pickens 1:33
08 My secret alphabet 3:09
09 Thick skin, paper thin 12:11
10 Outcomelt 9:08