subsonic 6: lou barlow / rudy trouvé



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Last record of 6 from the Subsonic series
dedicated to the electric guitar.
Published in 2000.

Lou Barlow
Dinosaur Jr, Sebadoh, Sentridoh, Folk Implosion... all these names are integral part of Lou barlow's Barlow's life and sense of perpetual musical innovation... g. Going back to the roots and basics of rock, folk and pop, he is one of the few artists that to privilege pure emotions instead of the usual prefabricated clichés of the genre. his His contribution to this Subsonic 6 is a precious puzzle, offering in a handful of tracks the various moods and spheres he cherished through his impressive discography. "Heavy Foot and the Germ Ressurection" is nothing less than a collection of simple pop songs, of tight folky musical postcards and crafty musical audio collages...

Rudy Trouvé
Former member of the band Deus, he is now running of the most intriguing belgian Belgian label: Heavenhotel, a cosy lounge, home of projects like Kiss my Jazz, Gore Slut, Dead Man Ray, Lionel Horrowitz and his combo... r, etc. Consideringegarding his work-addicted lifestyle, taking part to this album is also a little miracle in itself. for For the first time, you will be able to listen to the most secret part of Rudy's work: solo recordings on a four track, playing guitars, piano, using distorted rythm box, tapped conversations... and some secret ingredients not to be revealed.




Lou Barlow
Heavy foot and the germ resurrection - 11 things by Lou
01 [Beginning]
02 Skipping
03 Nervous
04 Dream/organ
05 Tough
06 Heavy foot
07 Thin-ment
08 [Crunch]
09 Jim Joe
10 Spoilt
11 [End]
12 [Bonus]

Rudy Trouvé

13 Driving home from shopping
14 Stofzuiger
15 Small Sorrow
16 A Fist Full
17 Xmas Family Dinner
18 San Fan Sisco'
19 Oh you Silly Tiger