myths 2 - system of flux & energies



SR02 jewel case CD


4 LPs and 3 EPs we call Myths Foundation - 7 records for the 7 letters in Sub Rosa - made up our very first productions. Back then, we weren't contemplating starting a record label, we simply wanted to produce pretty complicated (and obscure) objects that could be listened to, read, and scrutinized. We released these items once we had enough money to do so, we had no resources, and we were still students. Slowly, one record a year, against sound judgment, we put these releases together through a series of defining encounters. This handful of records was meant to be the beginning of an adventure, And in that regard, they didn't fail.


4 stages > sub rosa myths foundation: 1984-89

the first is "instructions for survival"
the second is such that one forsakes industry's clamor for a road where one walks alone
black-orange (can be rusted)
the third is an invitation to a secret stoïcism- rose-fingered dawn's smile
deep blue
the fourth is such that it's the heart that speaks
in a spiral movement
sinople- green (fossils)


In the beginning were the machine and we wanted to talk to them. The regularity of their beat put the accuracy of our gesture into question: they appeared, isolated, in a dream. That is why, instead of hearing the terrible noise that causes vacillation, we are swept along in this unexpected slide: machine rhythms produced dancing, a trance; the trance produced ecstasy, a mix-up of voices. we know the path that leads from industry to rapture, from Sheffield to the Top of the world. We must have been senseless and we had to be careful. Leaving the idea of entertainment behind him, a man advances, in a state of war, he extols the concrete idea of the myth.

(rise & decay)

machines flux

excessive energy

(decantation by chants)

(sacred or agnostic orbs)
in the mouth the impossibility of speaking of the experience

The archives have been devasted by fire. Only three books seem to have been spared, from left to right, lying on the table: the BARDO THÖDOL (the Tibetan book of the craft of dying), MILLE PLATEAUX of Gilles Deleuze, and, further away, on the edge, beside the debris, bound leaves: ACEPHALE - the five issues of the review which Georges Bataille published from 1936 to 1939: the world to which we have belonged offers nothing to love apart from indivudual inadequacy: its existence limits itself to its convenience. It is too late to be bent on being reasonable and learned - which has led to a life with no attraction. Secretly or not, it is necessary to change completely or to cease to be. What we undertake is a war. (fragment #2)


Sects, pack-like, changes & other myths.

Q: The peculiarity in Sub Rosa is that through its different collections - and already in its first attempts in the Myths collection - it tries to be one with Sonority - it is thus a concrete experience ("sound is energy") that can result in a reality of which little can be said except that it has changed you - it is thus rather a will to change, a desire for primitive spirituality than a new musical form or even a new aesthetics...

A: Yes, we are not strictly interested in musical form, we don't just want to work with music as a pure form, we consider what we did in this field as a kind of experience...

Q: I have the impression that you want to create a strong bond between people and yourself - rather like a sect - without employing sectarian methods...

A: Though the production of these stances, noise, musical compositions, auditory blackouts or ecstatic states, we attempted a return to the concept of sacred communication... Between us and in us, a network of persons and of energies.
What we have sought to impose is a contradictory notion of sect and rupture of all sectarian ideas. Clearly for us, the volumes we're put of a concrete and active myth which has carried us forward. Other things will grow, out of it.

Q: Deleuze 's rhizomes?

A: Basically. For now, the true combat cell is the silent one, the rhizome that devevops, disappears and appears again elsewhere under different forms, in a pack-like or horde-like fashion. Yeah - never give up!

El amor encima del oro


Our 4 first releases digitally remastered
and completely redesigned by Jon Wozencroft
(1996, cover reprinted below).




01 Hula Torn Silk 5:45
02 Hula Test 6:18
03 General Strike Reach For N. 5:45
04 SPK In The Dying Moments 6:40
05 SPK Romanz In Moll 4:25
06 Les Archives Sonores Sub Rosa
Tibetan Buddhist Evening Ritual 7:59