winter family


2xCD digipack + 16 pages booklet

SR260 2CD

Winter Family is born in Jaffa on 2004. Ruth Rosenthal writes her texts in Hebrew and English. Xavier Klaine plays piano, harmoniums and pipe organ. They have been playing live in concert rooms, galleries, clubs, theatres, crypts and churches in Paris, New-York, Milan, Gent, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and more. They collaborated with the choreographers Paco Decinà, Stefan Ferry and Paolo Rudelli, the artists Philippe Petit, Maïder Fortuné, Fabien Lehalle, Olivier Mirguet, Henrike Stahl and the musicians Olivier Robert (Women&Children) and Norsola Johnson (Godspeed You! Black Emperor). Winter Family recorded 14 tracks in three apartments, a parking lot, a club and a church in Paris and Tel Aviv.

«The first time I saw Winter Family, was on june 2006 in a gallery in Paris. I remember the collection of instruments brought especially for the occasion: a piano, an Indian harmonium, and an ancient more then a hundred years old, priceless instrument, a pump organ, threaten to crack. I remember to have wondered whether Ruth and Xavier had the least idea of the size of the space in which they were going to perform or the number of spectators who could get into it (forty people, at the most). Since then I've already understood that these kinds of questions does not come to their mind nor break their spirit. The minute that we look at Ruth and her voice detach the silence it is quite clear that these 'earthly' considerations have none of the importance. Unmercifully the low voice of Ruth is one that contains all the pain of the world, and, thanks to some imaginary pedal, let the tonality of despair sustain in you. Ruth radiates and absorbs all that surrounds her: a black sun.
To listen to her delivers her texts, in turns in Hebrew and English, it is to listen to the message of a frail Pythia, attracting as a magnet by the power of her own absence.
To see Winter Family (which is still a rare occasion) is like a strange shortcut to an improbable concert of Laurie Anderson accompanied by Charlemagne Palestine. Acquainted to the classics, Xavier, hidden behind his keyboards, knows his minimalism in the tip of his nails. Difficult to escape from the evident and aristocratic references as from the beauty of his visceral mess, and the notes he librates from his instruments.
Winter Family plays music as few people dare or even think of playing: humbly but absolute, it jitters the belly but resulted calmly like people with faith. »
Maxime Guitton




01 Salted slug 5'08
02 Garden 2'02
03 Auschwitz 3'09
04 Psaume 4'54
05 So soon 4'27
06 Nous les vIvants 4'45
07 You wish 3'33

01 Just like we said 1'55
02 Ray of light / no bad animals 6'30
03 So soon 3'58
04 Winter family 2'44
05 RépublIque 13'14
06 New sun 5'52
07 Golden sword 2'04