david shea

Eastern and Western Collected Works


SR134 CD


This record by David Shea is the fifth (of seven) made for Sub Rosa. Published in 1999.

Performed by David Shea, Jim Pugliese and Dave Douglas (John Zorn 's Massada), this music shows, in a way, is a different approach - not a vast electronic / sampler panorama nor music for orchestra , but the simplicity of chamber music (almost without electronic device) based mainly on piano, trumpet and percussion.

David Shea is a composer working with combinations of samplers and live musicians, centered on the possibilities of electronic and acoustic traditions. The focus is on the interconnections between styles, histories and mediums with single pieces containing multiple layering's of compositional methods, electronic and acoustic orchestrations - . Drawing from experimental music and film music influences as well as traditional musics from both Eastern and Western cultures, many pieces are based on films, novels, mythology and visual sources.

Performed by

DAVID SHEA (piano)
DAVE DOUGLAS (trumpet)
JIM PUGLIESE (percussion)


01 Dangerous Ground 7:07
02 A Spiral 8:25
03 Lines 5:02
04 Il Siciliano 6:04
05 Harmonies 7:17
06 Jade Mirror 4:30
07 Duo / Solo For Trumpet And Sampler 3:53
08 Solo / Duo 3:18
09 Elegy For Mario Bava 16:54