hanns eisler - bertolt brecht

War & Exile

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Hanns Eisler: music
A great composer who stopped his dodecaphonic work in order to write more effectively for the people - every individual can be moved when artistic problems are embraced and submerged in political problems. This emotion must shake people to their foundations.

Bertolt Brecht: texts
Here are texts and poems written in exile (in Scandinavia, then in USA). Written at the very moment when the ignominious beast was devouring the world. These texts contain fear, a modicum hope, but also something chilling. Events were unfolding even as these thoughts were being expressed...

Marianne Pousseur: voice
Well versed in the music of Scelsi, Kurtag and above all Schoenberg, Marianne, the founder of Helix ensemble vocal quartet (Giacinto Scelsi ref SR51 & SR63) presents here an extraordinary rendition of these lieder - never has such pure emotion been captured in an Eisler-Brecht recording.

Kaat De Windt: piano
We join company once again with Le Bureau des Pianistes (Morton Feldman SR41) whose performance embraces every possible nuance from simple accompaniment to multi-layered colloquy. Recorded by Michael Huon, which lets us quit the studio locations whose characteristics give the release a quality unlike any other.

These are the emotions for the present; more than ever, this music has something to say to us today. We have seized upon the most pressing of current realities. How can one talk about historical exiles when everyday people flee their lands with their few belongings and take to the road...But this is also an artistic event; a recording of exceptional coherence, a thousand miles from the cabaret and classicism that is the vogue. Sub Rosa is particularly proud to offer at this hour a release concerned with the resistance and dignity of those who do not always find themselves on the side of the mighty.




01 Spruch 1939 1:32
02 Winterspruch 0:44
03 Der Sohn 1:45
04 Vom Sprengen des Gartens 1:28
05 Der Kirschdieb 1:13
06 Frühling 1:01
07 Ostersonntag 1:20
08 Auf Der Flucht 0:59
09 Der Pfaumenbaum 1:34
10 Hotelzimmer 1942 1:49
11 Auf Den Kleinen Radioapparat 1:13
12 Die Heimkehr 1:34
13 Panzerschlacht 0:52
14 Deutsches Lied 1937 "Marie, Weine Nicht" 1:33
15 Ballade Von Der "Judenhure" Marie Sanders 2:33
16 Über Den Selbstmord 1:51
17 Und Es Sind Die Finstern Zeiten 0:32
18 Elegie 1939 3:06
19 An Die Nachgeborenen I 2:10
20 An Die Nachgeborenen II 1:17
21 Mutter Beimlen 0:58
22 Als Ich Dich in Meinem Lieb Trug 1:33
23 Mein Sohn, Was Immer Auch Aus Dir Werdeht 2:48
24 Ich Hab' Dich Ausgetragen 1:17
25 Als Ich Dich Gebar 1:32
26 Elegie I 2:18
27 Elegie II 2:45